Text and Image

Inspired by the previous workshop, I decided to add language to my images. The text were taken from messages or conversations I have had, so it makes the work slightly more personal. My idea was to simply place the text either on to the photo or next to, like a caption.


For ‘Soup For Hot Bath?!’, the text was placed like a caption at the bottom right. I like the idea of having unusual language because it will allow the audience to think harder and obtain their own perceptions.



I quite like using questions within the pieces. It is like they are talking to you and wanting an answer.


With these two above, I decided to have the text on the image. I was fond with how the looked because it was like the image was torn and underneath was the text.


Stone Staircase

Staircases can be slightly frightening depending on how and where they are built. Those that are made of concrete, I find to be quite harsh and not welcoming. However, this might not reflect the people that use the stairs.

The location of the photos were from a London flat. Typically the older flats are built from bricks and concrete which leave them appearing quite cold.

When photographing the stairs, I do not like the show everything in the frame that could give away who is living there. I like to leave this up to the audience.




PG 2.jpg



The Space In Between

For my next project, I will be using photography to capture spaces that are in between. I have always had a fascination with photographing elements that show a mysteriousness and not displaying everything at the scene.

I am capturing perhaps places that people do not stay in for long and use for travelling purposes such as stairs. Places that show human existence.

As well as this, I also have a fascination with the contrast between light and shadows.  This is something I really want to emphasise on.


Sky Garden

Using a different approach, I included the full image with only a section that shows the graphic colours. I am really pleased how these turned out as I like the combination. The contrast in colours grabs my eyes, along with the details of the building. The coloured shapes is another way that emphasised this