Text and Image

Inspired by the previous workshop, I decided to add language to my images. The text were taken from messages or conversations I have had, so it makes the work slightly more personal. My idea was to simply place the text either on to the photo or next to, like a caption.


For ‘Soup For Hot Bath?!’, the text was placed like a caption at the bottom right. I like the idea of having unusual language because it will allow the audience to think harder and obtain their own perceptions.



I quite like using questions within the pieces. It is like they are talking to you and wanting an answer.


With these two above, I decided to have the text on the image. I was fond with how the looked because it was like the image was torn and underneath was the text.


Ed Ruscha

Ed Ruscha is an America artist who pairs text with drawings and paintings. His images are often simple and filled with colour, whilst the language is often humorous and quite poetic. Instead of just painting or placing words on his canvas, he pays a great deal of attention to the font and the placement. The it then becomes something visual and more of an object rather than plain text.

The relationship between the text and images can be mysterious. The audience will then observe more closely to both to try and figure out the link within the objects. There is a juxtaposition between art and design similar to what is seen in pop art.


Design Miami: Plane Text

Plane Text is an aerial exhibition of words created by a variety of artist such as Ed Ruscha and Jack Pierson. Phrases from their work has been taken and flown in the Miami skiy.

The method of displaying the text is very different and I have never seen anything like it before. But what is really capturing is the images of the actual exhibition. The photos shows an idea of image and text.

When I first come across these images, I tried hard to figure out how the text and images linked. And of course they do not, but this what I like because it allows the audience to think more about what they are looking at and also reading. I am also inspired by the composition within the text. It is likely the photographer did not have a plan about shooting the text in certain place. But I like how off balance they are and how other elements such as the plane, clouds and the plants frames them.