A New World

23 reflection

When I began experimenting with colour, I was fascinated with the way the above image came out. It had many links to the Yoko Honda’s nostalgic work especially within the sky. The colours this time to appear more embedded and having a smoother flow. At this point, I am discovering new methods of editing photos everyday which I am very happy.


Of course there was still work to be done and I looked at changing the gradient and focusing on the colour and pattern structure.


These were not planned but more trial and error. Nevertheless, they are inspired by sunsets, so the composition is set similar to a horizon. I have been able to place the colours in a specific spot so it matches the lines within the image.


Self Initiated Project 2

I will be looking at post-holiday blues, as it something that I have recently felt and that I believe most of go through when returning from a good get away.

The resources I will be using are photographs that I have taken during a trip to Sicily.



72 og

The idea was to manipulate the photos in a way that portrays a memory that you do not want to forget but the truth is you will forget some parts or perhaps may never get another chance to visit.

I have continued to experiment with different ways to show my idea including colours within the image and the manipulation.

Nobuhiro Nakanishi

Nobuhiro Nakanishi creates beautiful and memorising landscapes which are produces by photographing a place over a period of time. The images are then laser printed and mounted on to acrylic.

As you walk along the pieces, you are taken a long a journey and an experience of time passing in a certain place. The photographs are in are taken in to another dimension and makes the audience feel they are actually there. Not only this, but this method has emphasised even more details within the photographs. Whether it be the electrical lights or natural lighting, the acrylics project the image on to the floor and wall, like a sculptures shadow

Each layered drawing produces its own individual pattern. The colours can go from dark to light or the opacity fades out. All in which displays time.

Nakanishi is able to trigger our own personal memories in away that a normal photographic landscape could.