Creative Review Gradwatch 2017

I am so grateful that Creative Review spotted my work at the Degree Show this year. They kindly gave me a feature on their website and Instagram page.

If you have the time check it out and have a look at what else they were inspired by.


Self Initiated Project 2

I will be looking at post-holiday blues, as it something that I have recently felt and that I believe most of go through when returning from a good get away.

The resources I will be using are photographs that I have taken during a trip to Sicily.



72 og

The idea was to manipulate the photos in a way that portrays a memory that you do not want to forget but the truth is you will forget some parts or perhaps may never get another chance to visit.

I have continued to experiment with different ways to show my idea including colours within the image and the manipulation.


After reviewing the work I have done so far, I have decided to chose one diary instead of using text from a range as this would make more sense when displaying the images. Since then I have been working on putting the right image with the right text. I did not want the text to be completely random. Although it would have still had a wildlife and explorer feel, I felt that the text should link to what is shown.

So I have been looking more at individual words from the diary, as well as developing on font and colour.


I have also tried making some words larger.

Visually the work with a paragraph of text with enlarged words looks pleasing but I am uncertain of having much text as it might be a lot for the audience to take in. Therefore I began to cut down on this and playing with sentences.


The idea was to have fonts that gives us a reminder of an old diary. The initial idea was to use a type writer font that is still readable. For the image just above, I played with another font that had a bigger weight and was more dynamic in shape. However I felt this to be quite distracting. The colour I do like because it was influenced be the colour palette of the photo.

The image with the blue text was another experimentation with colour. Because I was focusing more on earthy colours, I wanted to try with brighter ones.



Colour perfections

The colour was important as I wanted there to be more of an earthy tone to represent the zoo and its enclosures. Not only this, but I wanted to show an old diary effect that are similar to the old pages.

The layout too, is inspired by how a person would write in a diary or a journal. Their thoughts would often be written in a carefree manner.


When you hear the word zoo?

I came to a standstill because I was unsure if I wanted to just showcase the photos or add text with them. I had to think of things that linked or reminded me of the zoo. I began to think of it’s history and the types of people that work there or have had an impact on discovering new findings.

I decided to find diaries written,and quotes, by explorers or zoologist and take out sections to place with my photos. A mood is set when the naturalistic image with text that involves an adventure or facts/opinions about the outside world.









Personal Touch

Dead Media Archive was about making something new out of something old. I found the difficult parts were correcting the negatives digitally and also going an extra step to showing the new.

Using personal material gave me the opportunity to put my feelings into the work. For me, showing old photos can make me uncomfortable because I am a personal person, as in I do not share a lot about myself unless asked.

I have distorted sections to hide information in the photo. This can be faces, full figures or objects.





The atmosphere is quite scary and you can also see the awkwardness of revealing information.



Evelyn Sadler

“The camera is my brush. Blurring the line between photography and painting, my intention is to create intriguing compositions that trigger emotion and contemplation. Reflections and movement allow me to generate a poetic effect and show multiple layers of truth. I discover pieces of reality that we often overlook, and deliver them as captured with minimal post transformation. I am more interested in evoking a mood and a sense of wonder than in documenting life objectively. My multicultural background and love for impressionist and abstract art inspire the way I see and create.”

Evelyn Sadler uses photography in a fine art manner. Like she states, she is not attracted to perfection. This allows the reality to shine through. Her technique of creating a blur emphasises a memory. Most memories are not fully clear and we can only remember a vague amount especially in our minds. That’s we have photographs to document something with no faults.

When looking at her photos, I feel melancholic because there is a beautiful sadness. I feel as though I know the places or remind me of place I have once visited or seen. The atmosphere can be silent which allows me to lose my thoughts and sink peacefully in to the scene.