Holiday Surrealism

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A New World

23 reflection

When I began experimenting with colour, I was fascinated with the way the above image came out. It had many links to the Yoko Honda’s nostalgic work especially within the sky. The colours this time to appear more embedded and having a smoother flow. At this point, I am discovering new methods of editing photos everyday which I am very happy.


Of course there was still work to be done and I looked at changing the gradient and focusing on the colour and pattern structure.


These were not planned but more trial and error. Nevertheless, they are inspired by sunsets, so the composition is set similar to a horizon. I have been able to place the colours in a specific spot so it matches the lines within the image.

Colour perfections

The colour was important as I wanted there to be more of an earthy tone to represent the zoo and its enclosures. Not only this, but I wanted to show an old diary effect that are similar to the old pages.

The layout too, is inspired by how a person would write in a diary or a journal. Their thoughts would often be written in a carefree manner.


Digital Process

These are some outcomes from the negatives. They were inverted to a positive and had additional editing done to make them ‘new’.


I become fascinated with how old they appeared even being made with new technology. Although there were errors, this tells us more of a truth of the moment. The aesthetic is of a vintage type. I have an attempt to bring back a nostalgic feeling of when photography was was rare.


Errors such as areas being out of focus, fade, too much light or not enough has given another feeling of a memory, as though someone is having a sudden thought of a place but can’t quite obtain the full.

The Space In Between

For my next project, I will be using photography to capture spaces that are in between. I have always had a fascination with photographing elements that show a mysteriousness and not displaying everything at the scene.

I am capturing perhaps places that people do not stay in for long and use for travelling purposes such as stairs. Places that show human existence.

As well as this, I also have a fascination with the contrast between light and shadows.  This is something I really want to emphasise on.