Creative Review Gradwatch 2017

I am so grateful that Creative Review spotted my work at the Degree Show this year. They kindly gave me a feature on their website and Instagram page.

If you have the time check it out and have a look at what else they were inspired by.


Colouring Photos

One of the hardest things when editing photos or even film is getting the right colour. This is an element which will emphasise a melancholic and nostalgic mood. I had to do research on colours and the emotions they portray. Colours in particular were pink, red, purple orange and blue.

But I did not just want to use the internet to discover emotions that I already felt. Going back to my initial idea with the shaped colours, they were created by colours I remembered seeing whilst on holiday.

Sicily 1

The picture above is what I first started with but was unsure of where to go with it. Everything within this outcome are all what I am currently experimenting and developing. It was good to look back at this because I needed a reminder of what I did not want to completely lose.

As I was saying before, I was also inspired by mother nature and colours that are given off by natural moments such as sunrises or sunsets.

23 reflection


Manipulation Development

I felt that my images could be more stronger within the manipulation. I took the circular shape I was initially using and made a duplicated reflection of the same image.


I thought they were more interesting to look at, as well as still being able to see all of the details of the photograph. I liked they idea of seeing the shapes outline. I did create some visuals that did not show this and felt that the reflection seemed slightly off and not connected.

How I am currently working is based on how the photograph is structured. Some looked better with more negative spaces than others and vice versa.

122 reflection

23 reflection

My next plan is to play around with colour and shapes. Since I am focusing on a theme that involves emotions, colour is significant to set a nostalgic mood.

Self Initiated Project 2

I will be looking at post-holiday blues, as it something that I have recently felt and that I believe most of go through when returning from a good get away.

The resources I will be using are photographs that I have taken during a trip to Sicily.



72 og

The idea was to manipulate the photos in a way that portrays a memory that you do not want to forget but the truth is you will forget some parts or perhaps may never get another chance to visit.

I have continued to experiment with different ways to show my idea including colours within the image and the manipulation.

The Zoo and It’s Textures

The zoo is home to thousands of species from different parts of the world. This means their habitat will vary from one another. I am intrigued by the enclosures and mixture of elements that are in the animals homes. The focus will be on pattern and texture.

Beforehand, I was simply taking photos of the enclosures but I felt that the sections could be cropped to emphasise the theme of patterns and textures. I have altered to the colour so that it has earthy tone which also gives an ageing effect.




Reviewing my previous images, I had a reminder of silent films. Dialogue scenes were often blurry, shaky and bordered with a pattern.

So I had the concept to leave the edges of the negatives with the image. I almost want the photo to start flickering and change in to a moving image. I even can hear the sound of an old filming camera.


For the above photo, I did not change it to black and white because I felt there was something more raw about it.

Black and White Version

Bright signs or neon signs appeared better than other regular ones.Issues I had with road signs for example is that light reflects off the surface which bounces back to camera but because of the material it is made from the shine is too bright.


Graphiscape: New York City is a graphic book that has many visuals of signs from the big city. The book contains 450 images that show texture, shapes and colour that displays the urban landscape. It also shows how the a city functions even communicates by the street art and graffiti.

It has different chapters to separate the different kinds of signs found in a urban space. Even the titles have well suited names, one of my favourites being’ City State’ and ‘Getting Around’. Easy to figure out what is going to be shown, the section looks what makes New York the city that it is. This could be tourist attractions, NYC’s transportation, political views spray painted on to a surface, Newspapers, road work and community signs.

The book displays how much we rely on signs as well as showing how much signs there actually are, that we’re probably not consciously aware of.