Creative Review Gradwatch 2017

I am so grateful that Creative Review spotted my work at the Degree Show this year. They kindly gave me a feature on their website and Instagram page.

If you have the time check it out and have a look at what else they were inspired by.


London Zoo Trip

Today I had the experience of visiting London Zoo for an upcoming project. We had to explore the tourist attraction in our own ways. This could be focusing on just the animals, the visitors, the enclosure, the architecture etc.

I found the enclosure interesting to look at as well as photograph because that are all different yet have similarities. The natural elements that are placed in all the animals homes are made from wood or plants are involve colours and tones that are the same.




The enclosures especially that hold small animals such as reptiles or insects, are like looking at paintings on a gallery wall, which is what I felt a zoo is. Each home is like a different art work. Also with live performers.

There is also something very picture perfect. Everything is placed so well and precisely and according to plan.



Visitors visit the zoo to look at animals. They proceed from cage to cage, not unlike visitors in an art gallery who stop in front of one painting, an then move on to the next or the one after next. Yet in the zoo the view is always wrong. Like an image out of focus.Ā (Berger, 1980)


Social Media as The New Photography

For my dissertation I am looking at how social media has had an impact on photography, especially in the professional industry. It is clear that anyone can produce a photograph to a professional level.

Whether you just do photography as a hobby or have as a career or find it interesting, I’d like to know what you think

  1. Do you feel that social media has had a positive or negative impact on photography?
  2. Has it become easier for anyone to become a photographer due to social media? or has it made it difficult?
  3. Is there a beginning of a new genre of photography because of Instagram?
  4. Black and white film is probably not as popular because of new technology such as filters. Would you rather use film or use a filter that gives the same affect?
  5. Has photography lost its meaning?

Please feel free to answer. It would be much appreciated to hear your answers šŸ™‚