The Space In-Between Animations




William Turner

William Turner has always been an inspiration throughout my art and design pathway. Although I am more of a photographer, Turners method of painting luminous skies and showing light and dark has influenced the way I photograph architecture, as well as nature.

His painting are very dramatic and the atmosphere is emphasised a lot. In his earlier work, he paid more attention to the architecture and natural scenes until the his later years where the ground elements were overshadowed by the sky. He paid less attention to details and focused on light created by natural sources like the sun or moon. The variety of colours are beautifully mixed together, allowing there to be a easy flow.


Fishermen at Sea exhibited 1796 by Joseph Mallord William Turner 1775-1851

What I appreciate about his work is he did not paint landscapes in an ordinary way. He gave his own impression of what he could view. Others would simply focus on trying to capture exactly what the scenery looks like in that moment. He took the atmosphere and showed the power of nature in contrast to the era he was living in, the Industrial Revolution.


Turner’s ¬†Industrial Revolution painting gave us an insight of the beginning of technology. And although this was a time to celebrate new inventions, natural always triumphed as shown in paintings.

Micael Reynaud

Michael Reynaud is a freelance designer and stop motion animator who use videos to create Gifs which he himself calls them as ‘hypnotic very short films’. His technique involves time lapse and different forms of masking.

I have never seen any artist do this before and they are very powerful to look. I became hypnotised by them because how smoothly the Gifs move. And the fact they are taken from videos is so creative and this is perhaps what makes them different from other artist who make Gifs.


This sunset animation is one that grabbed my attention. The reason being is that Reynaud has done the unexpected of having several sun’s going down soon after each other. It is as though it will never end as well as being very pleasant to look at. The quality also helps the Gifs to be memorising.








Image and Text, 2

On my previous images with text, I did not place the language to fit the architecture. For example, the photos with stairs could have had the text placed on the actual steps. The reason for this is that, my images are very strong so the text placed anywhere can ruin it.

I focused more on the structure and colours to suit the text. I wanted the words to almost blend in with the architecture so it becomes a part of it and makes it harder to see. The font is also reflects architecture because of the stem, tail and arms within the letters.