John Stezaker

John Stezaker is a relevant artist to research and visually learn from. He re-uses found photographs and collages them in a unique way to makes new and surreal subjects.

The portrait collages that are often known by him as ‘marriages’. They usually involve different identities and show different worlds coming together. This technique inspires my work to be created into one piece instead of separate images.

Stezaker uses various techniques such as maskings, rotations and removals. The juxtaposition allows a new creation to be formed. His precision is perfect, especially his work with portraits and landscapes or nature.


Roger Peet

Roger Peet displays how white people see the world. The concept of his art, is to show what the western culture are forgetting when they decide to appropriate elements. Peet created ‘whiteness goggles’¬†for the audience to wear. Once put on, the painful image of what people of colour have suffered in the background fades away.

Cultural Appropriation Response

During this project, I wanted to explore collaging and I began with combining digital images with illustrations. The main idea is take figures from the western culture and illustrate hairstyle they class as ‘urban’ use for fashion shoots.

These hairstyles they claim to be ‘urban’ originate from the black culture, which would also be seen as ghetto¬†if worn by the original culture.