Evelyn Sadler

“The camera is my brush. Blurring the line between photography and painting, my intention is to create intriguing compositions that trigger emotion and contemplation. Reflections and movement allow me to generate a poetic effect and show multiple layers of truth. I discover pieces of reality that we often overlook, and deliver them as captured with minimal post transformation. I am more interested in evoking a mood and a sense of wonder than in documenting life objectively. My multicultural background and love for impressionist and abstract art inspire the way I see and create.”

Evelyn Sadler uses photography in a fine art manner. Like she states, she is not attracted to perfection. This allows the reality to shine through. Her technique of creating a blur emphasises a memory. Most memories are not fully clear and we can only remember a vague amount especially in our minds. That’s we have photographs to document something with no faults.

When looking at her photos, I feel melancholic because there is a beautiful sadness. I feel as though I know the places or remind me of place I have once visited or seen. The atmosphere can be silent which allows me to lose my thoughts and sink peacefully in to the scene.



Author: Hannata

University of the Arts London Graduate

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