Feedback Time

After Tuesdays tutorial, the feedback was positive on my idea. I now have to develop the project more, as well as how they will be displayed as final pieces.

The things I need to develop is text and composition. For example some words could be larger to communicate something important. The colour of the text needs to compliment the image as well as being able to be readable by the audience. I am still working with what specific text I will be using for each photo, as it might be easier to use one diary or one specific person so that it is simple for others to understand. The way in which I display the work will also have to understandable.


Colour perfections

The colour was important as I wanted there to be more of an earthy tone to represent the zoo and its enclosures. Not only this, but I wanted to show an old diary effect that are similar to the old pages.

The layout too, is inspired by how a person would write in a diary or a journal. Their thoughts would often be written in a carefree manner.


When you hear the word zoo?

I came to a standstill because I was unsure if I wanted to just showcase the photos or add text with them. I had to think of things that linked or reminded me of the zoo. I began to think of it’s history and the types of people that work there or have had an impact on discovering new findings.

I decided to find diaries written,and quotes, by explorers or zoologist and take out sections to place with my photos. A mood is set when the naturalistic image with text that involves an adventure or facts/opinions about the outside world.









The Zoo and It’s Textures

The zoo is home to thousands of species from different parts of the world. This means their habitat will vary from one another. I am intrigued by the enclosures and mixture of elements that are in the animals homes. The focus will be on pattern and texture.

Beforehand, I was simply taking photos of the enclosures but I felt that the sections could be cropped to emphasise the theme of patterns and textures. I have altered to the colour so that it has earthy tone which also gives an ageing effect.



Personal Touch

Dead Media Archive was about making something new out of something old. I found the difficult parts were correcting the negatives digitally and also going an extra step to showing the new.

Using personal material gave me the opportunity to put my feelings into the work. For me, showing old photos can make me uncomfortable because I am a personal person, as in I do not share a lot about myself unless asked.

I have distorted sections to hide information in the photo. This can be faces, full figures or objects.





The atmosphere is quite scary and you can also see the awkwardness of revealing information.



Jason Lazarus

Jason Lazarus’ installation, Too Hard To Keep immediately caught my attention because of the name. Lazarus started an archive of photos that were too hard to look at but too hard to destroy. He collected photographic material from participants who had this type of memory.

Some physically show the difficulty, as they are taken from their original narrative contents, or display a hard time in someone life and even torn to crop a person out. But yet the owner cannot throw the material away. Us as the viewer, we come at a stand still as we try to understand the meaning behind each photo.

The layout of the installation gives the thousands of photos its own attention and there is flow. And having the objects in there original form make it more personal and unique in there own form.