Images Combined














Coloured Memory

Colours that represent a memory are yellow and red. By including this in the images, it has made the tone focus on a state of mind.

The layout was still inspired by film negatives, as well as helping me able to show the affect of time.


Diane Meyer

From a distance it may look as though Diane Meyer has only blurred out sections of her photographs. But in fact she has used embroidery to create a similar vision. The pixel effect is very detailed, as she has payed attention to the colour and tones in the images.

The photographs are of a certain point of Meyers life and she illustrates how a snapshot can show a hidden truth about the reality of the moment. The photographs a very nostalgic but obscure.

There is something about family photos that always strive to portray a perfect life and everyone is smiling to cover the reality. However, Meyer tends to embroider spaces that may not just covering faces or people. When this is done, many secrets are being shown as untold.




Nobuhiro Nakanishi

Nobuhiro Nakanishi creates beautiful and memorising landscapes which are produces by photographing a place over a period of time. The images are then laser printed and mounted on to acrylic.

As you walk along the pieces, you are taken a long a journey and an experience of time passing in a certain place. The photographs are in are taken in to another dimension and makes the audience feel they are actually there. Not only this, but this method has emphasised even more details within the photographs. Whether it be the electrical lights or natural lighting, the acrylics project the image on to the floor and wall, like a sculptures shadow

Each layered drawing produces its own individual pattern. The colours can go from dark to light or the opacity fades out. All in which displays time.

Nakanishi is able to trigger our own personal memories in away that a normal photographic landscape could.



Past to Present

The change of opacity portrays the time going by. The clear image is the past when the memory was most remembered but as time goes on the memory begins to fade along with photo and the image with the less opacity shows its new state in the mind.




The other way looks at memory becoming clear again.




Week 3

I was unsure of the previous sign photographs I had taken and was stuck between this idea and the colour film I had found and scanned.

So I had to think and look at the brief to remind me what it wanted. To make something new of of something old. I came to the decision to carry on with the found film. I was positive with what I could work with as it quite personal and pictures I had never seen before or perhaps just forgotten. I want to communicate a memory trying to be remembered in the mind. For this I am going to focus on colour and opacity.

Nevertheless, the sign photographs will not go to waste, as they will give me inspiration to use for the new material.