Tides and Stairs

The idea of boundaries fits within my project, The Space In Between. Places where two different elements meet such as land and sea or sky and earth shows how nature meets human activity.

These photos display tides crashing on to stairs that lead down to the water. Something important that I want to keep throughout my photographs is the natural colours that are captured. The green, brown and yellow tones compliment one another and there is an ‘earthy’ atmosphere.






Stone Staircase

Staircases can be slightly frightening depending on how and where they are built. Those that are made of concrete, I find to be quite harsh and not welcoming. However, this might not reflect the people that use the stairs.

The location of the photos were from a London flat. Typically the older flats are built from bricks and concrete which leave them appearing quite cold.

When photographing the stairs, I do not like the show everything in the frame that could give away who is living there. I like to leave this up to the audience.




PG 2.jpg



The Space In Between

For my next project, I will be using photography to capture spaces that are in between. I have always had a fascination with photographing elements that show a mysteriousness and not displaying everything at the scene.

I am capturing perhaps places that people do not stay in for long and use for travelling purposes such as stairs. Places that show human existence.

As well as this, I also have a fascination with the contrast between light and shadows.  This is something I really want to emphasise on.


Social Media as The New Photography

For my dissertation I am looking at how social media has had an impact on photography, especially in the professional industry. It is clear that anyone can produce a photograph to a professional level.

Whether you just do photography as a hobby or have as a career or find it interesting, I’d like to know what you think

  1. Do you feel that social media has had a positive or negative impact on photography?
  2. Has it become easier for anyone to become a photographer due to social media? or has it made it difficult?
  3. Is there a beginning of a new genre of photography because of Instagram?
  4. Black and white film is probably not as popular because of new technology such as filters. Would you rather use film or use a filter that gives the same affect?
  5. Has photography lost its meaning?

Please feel free to answer. It would be much appreciated to hear your answers 🙂